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V-F Library's Pick Your Own Paths Trail Challenge!

Registration for the Pick Your Own Paths Trail Challenge is now open online at

The "Pick Your Own Paths Trail Challenge" invites students, families, and groups to challenge themselves to hike, bike, walk, or run, a portion – or all! – of the 65+ miles of trails that Victor and Farmington offer, while raising money to benefit the Victor Farmington Library.

First, participants register by challenging themselves to hike, bike, walk, or run, a segment of the trails in Victor and Farmington that feels right for them. There is an option that's perfect for people of all ages and abilities, ranging from a one-mile increment all of the way up to the entire trail system of over 65 miles.

The cost to participate on your own is $15, or, register a team of up to six participants for only $25. Participation gifts, early registration goodies, and prizes will be awarded.

The challenge begins on September 1st and runs through October 30th.

After registering, watch for your e-mail confirmation. Then, hit the trails from 9/1 to 10/30 and see how much ground you can cover! Follow the instructions from your registration e-mail to log your progress. You can upload a picture of your Fitbit or a photo of you or your group out on the trail as evidence of the miles you've completed.

Full details are at

Victor Hiking Trails is one of the proud sponsors of this Challenge.


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