NOTE: This page, and especially the photos, are from the time of the Walk, when the Web and digital photography was young. Even though the pictures were small and low resolution, internet access was slow and this page could take most of a minute to load. 4 of these thumbnail pictures can be clicked on to see the "full sized" pictures! The available screens were also small and low resolution, most were monochrome.

The camera was on loan from Eastman Kodak. It was a DC20, Kodak's first consumer level digital camera, after an unsuccessful one designed by Kodak and sold by Apple 2 years earlier. Internal memory held 8 0.2 megapixel, 493 x 373 pixel pictures or 16 of these 320 x 240 ones, $299! And had a short battery life.

The original Bridge Walk was in 1994 to raise money to fix, or if need be to replace, the stone arch culvert on the then new Auburn Trail, a single track hiking trail. After raising $10,000, we found that would not cover even the engineering study. Later the Auburn Trail was upgraded to the multi-use trail we now have with funds for it, including the long steel bridge, from the Federal and Town governements together with volunteer labor from VHT. The '96 Bridge Walk went to the east of the Village toward Farmington on the Auburn Trail.

Bridge Walk '96
Victor Hiking Trails

September 21, 1996 -- Auburn Trail East

The Good Side

Bridge Walk 1994
Why Bridge Walk '96 This is one of two streams Bridge Walk '96 fords. Bridges will be needed to make this trail usable in all seasons. The culvert in the background is under the actual old Audurn rail line.

Victor Village in the Valley
Start Point
Start of the Hike 1996
Picture of First Hiker
First Hiker Dave Wright (VHT Chair) doing some last minute trail trimming for the Bridge Walk.
Picture of V-F Ambulance
Our support from the Victor-Farmington Ambulance

Another Happy Hiker
Picture of Lisa
Lisa Fisher -- All the way from New Hampshire.
Picture of Dennie
Dennie Cunningham, member of our neighbor trails club, Ontario Pathways.
Picture of Bill
Bill Matthews, Fairport, also with Adirondack Moutain Club.
Picture of The Stukas
The Stukas
Picture of Dave
Dave Coleman
Picture of Joy
Joy and son.

unknown hikers

unknown hiker

unknown hikers
Picture of ?
unknown hiker

Thank you to all who helped make Bridge Walk '96 such a success!

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