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Updated July 14, 2017 JH

Bluebird Trail - VHT

Victor Hiking Trails

1-mile loop, mostly flat open meadow, some woods

June 2008


This foot path is within the MaryFrancis Bluebird Haven Park. It is a perimeter loop trail through meadows and woods. It has a grass or dirt surface, 2- to 4-feet wide. It makes a nice walk. Be sure not to disturb any of the Bluebirds. The last few springs there have been more than 10 young that have been raised each year. Please stay on the trail and do not cut into the middle of the meadow when the bluebirds are nesting. You will very likely see the bluebirds from the trail – if it is "in season" for them.

In the winter, this can be great, easy cross country skiing and snowshoeing country.


Entrance to the Bluebird Trail

From the parking area off the Victor Egypt Rd, just south of Valentown Rd., and across the road from the entrance to the Monkey Run Trails, this trail can be followed either clockwise or counterclockwise. In either case, it begins in meadow, and on the east and northeast it is in woods.

In the pines
Bluebird Trail in the pines
In the woods
Bluebird Trail in the woods
by the pond
Bluebird Trail Pond

Elevations and Distances


Caution: Elevations are from USGS. They are very precise, but not necessarily accurate. They may be from any place up to 100-feet from the trail!