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Updated October 10, 2021 JH

Helen's Way - VHT

Victor Hiking Trails

2-mile loop, with a hill
Blazed Red.

Closed for hunting 11/24 - 12/24.

October 2021


This very pretty trail, new in fall of 21, is all on private land, courtesy of the landowner, and is named in honor of his Mother. There are several private trails that intersect the red blazed public trail. There is a short stub public trail to a view point; this is blazed blue. Please respect the landowner and stay on the blazed trails.

Temporarily, the trail goes right in front of the house. Please be very respectful!

From the Fields Parking Lot off Rainbow Run


View from parking lot
[Not yet here]

This footpath begins in the Village on the Park (CR 9, Victor Egypt Rd, just north of the Thruway) parking lot off Rainbow Run. There is a detailed map of the park and its trails.

There is a section that is on driveway. Then it is a loop in woods that is 2- to 5-feet wide on a dirt or grass surface; there are some short sections in meadow land.

Follow the driveway east for 0.2 miles.

Woodlands Trail

The kiosk
[Not yet here]

Then comes a junction and trail kiosk. This begins the loop. While it can be transversed in either direction, we will turn to the north, left, and circle it clockwise.

West side trail
[Not yet here]
The duck blind view point
[Not yet here]

It passes the Kiosk on a 6-foot wide grass surface. There is a short, blue blazed, trail on the left, to the west, that leads to a pond, a duck blind, and a view point.

The main trail continues mostly north then east, crossing a cleared section over a gas pipeline. After turning south in the woods, it narrows some to mostly 4-foot wide, with a few narrower points between trees.

The narrower east side
[Not yet here]
The east view point
[Not yet here]

There is a second view point that looks over another pond. The trail then comes to an old gravel road and turns west, right, to follow it.


The road leaves the woods and opens into meadow. There is a gate here. Please leave it either open or closed, as you found it. The following section is "temporary," and will be replaced by a section to the south, as volunteer time becomes available. There is a wire rope fence across the road/trail here. The old road becomes an active driveway, and the trail passes a home. Then comes to the junction point by the kiosk, and out to the parking lot.

Sounds Along The Way

At the beginning, and along the southern portion, you will hear the traffic of the Thruway. This quickly disappears as you pass into the woods.

Along the northern stretch, you may hear the sounds of gun fire. Over a hill and to the northwest is the Victor Rod and Gun Club's shooting range. The direction of fire is NOT toward the trail.

And birds. BIRDS! Yes, there are many bird sounds, if you are quiet.

Elevations and Distances

Elevations in feet, distances in miles.

Caution: Elevations are from USGS. They are very precise, but not necessarily accurate. They may be from any place up to 100-feet from the trail!