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Dryer Trail - VHT

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5.25-mile one way, hilly
Blazed blue.
NOTE: on-road sections may not be blazed except at intersections.

April 2017

April '17: The Dryer Trail has been extended north from Dryer Rd. Park to Fishers Main St. in the spring of 2017.


This footpath joins Lehigh Crossing Park, Dryer Rd. Park, Fort Hill, and Ganondagan New York State Native American Historic Site and their various trail systems. It also connects to the Trolley, Lehigh, Auburn, and Seneca Trails. Some is on sidewalk. There are a couple of short sections that are on low traffic streets. In woods it is 1- to 2-feet wide on a dirt or grass surface; it passes through open meadows, and on the hill in the Dryer Rd. bike park uses a dirt road to minimize danger from bikes. It winds up and down hills, through meadows and woods. At the east end, it connects with the Ganondagan trail system and the Seneca Trail. Next come the Fort Hill trails, including down to the parking lot on Boughton Hill Rd. In the middle, with the trails and parking of Dryer Rd. Park. And toward the north end are the trails in Lehigh Crossing Park. The views from Fort Hill alone would make this one of the most spectacular of our trails.

From North to South

Main Street Fishers to Lehigh Trail

Crosses Omnitec Rd. Uses sidewalk along NY96.

This section is shared with the Trolley Trail. It starts at the corner of Main St. Fishers and NY96 in the center of lodging and food establishments. It continues southeast on sidewalk along NY96 to the Best Western Inn, where it cuts through the parking lot to Omnitec Rd. which it crosses. The next section is mostly in woods with some open meadow to the crossing of the Lehigh Trail.

Lehigh Trail through Lehigh Crossing Park to Auburn Trail

Direction Sign at Trolley Trail

After crossing the Lehigh Trail, it enters Lehigh Crossing Park in woods. When it enters the meadow, the Trolley Trail goes to the left and the Dryer Trail turns to the right. NOTE: both trails are blazed blue; there is a directional sign at the junction. The Dryer Trail follows the edge of the meadow south and east. Then turns south into the woods. Here is some boardwalk installed as a Scout project in 2016. Then over the "Beaver Bridge," another, earlier, Scout project and on to the Auburn Trail. Here it leaves the Park. The Dryer Trail joins the Auburn Trail east for a short way.

Auburn Trail to Dryer Rd Park

Crosses Victor Heights Parkway, NY251, Modock Rd., Dryer Rd. On streets Victor Heights Parkway, Warters Cove, Aimy Lane, and Carrington Way.

The Dryer Trail leaves the Auburn Trail and heads south to the FLCC Victor Campus in open meadow. At the road, Victor Heights Parkway, the trail is in the road to the west. Here it crosses NY251, Victor-Mendon Rd.

From NY251 south the trail edges a currently open field and backyards, and meets Warters Cove at the end of its loop. There is a second section on residential streets. First on Warters Cove to Modock Road. The trail crosses Modock Road. The street name changes to Aimy Lane. At the next intersection the trail turns right onto Carrington Way. After about 500-feet, the trail turns left between two homes. Then there is a right turn along the back yards.

The trail continues, mostly in woods, to Dryer Road. After crossing Dryer Road, it enters Dryer Road Park and follows along side the driveway to the kiosk at the end of the parking lot.

Trail head to the South
and woods entry point in Dryer Rd. Park
Trail as it leaves the kisok in Dryer Rd. Park looking southeast toward Fort Hill and Ganondagan. The red circle marks where it enters the woods.

Dryer Road Park to Ganondagan

Crosses School Rd.

Caution: Bikes share this trail.

Dryer Road Park has many miles of shared use trails. It is one of the few parks in western New York State to offer a full mountain biking experience for riders of all abilities. These trails are a joint effort of the Town of Victor and GROC, Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists. GROC (with map).

From the parking lot in Dryer Rd. Park, the trail heads up the hill to the left then up the hill on a dirt road. At the top of the hill, the trail crosses a series of meadows, where it crosses into Ganondagan's Fort Hill. The off our trail detour to the top meadow, the view point, and the several historical markers is well worth it.

View south
Panoramic view south from Fort Hill in Ganondagan

The trail then descends through woods. It opens again on the flat leading out to School Rd. Here the trail ends and connects to the Seneca Trail. Across School Rd, there is a ford/plank bridge over Great Brook and connection with the rest of the Ganondagan trail system, including the visitor center and longhouse.

Elevations and Distances

Elevations in feet, distances in miles.

Caution: Elevations are from USGS. They are very precise, but not necessarily accurate. They may be from any place up to 100-feet from the trail!