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Updated July 14, 2017 JH

Hundred Acre Woods Trail - VHT

Victor Hiking Trails

3/4-mile one way, some hilly, wooded

July 2018

This footpath is mostly through woods. It is dirt or grass surface, 2- to 3-feet wide.


The trail head and parking are on Yale Ct., off of Gillis Rd. opposite Cobblestone Creek. It has some ups and downs, the steepest is at the trail head. It crosses White Brook. The other end is on the loop of Fox Hunt Drive, where there is no parking.


Typical trail scene on the Hundred Acre Woods Trail

Elevations and Distances


Caution: Elevations are from USGS. They are very precise, but not necessarily accurate. They may be from any place up to 100-feet from the trail!