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All VHT group hikes and events have now been canceled or indefinitely postponed until further notice.

The National Trails Day activities scheduled for June 6th will now be a do-it-yourself Hike Together - Separately! event where we ask everyone to submit pictures on our Meetup page. There is a separate news item covering the details.

We do recommend trail use by small groups. Please observe the social distance recommendations for the health of all users. Thank you.

The trees, grass, and bushes have not gotten this particular memo and continue to grow. This means to maintain the trail conditions and maintain everyone's health we will be spreading our maintenance times so as to work in small groups. Additional volunteers will be needed and appreciated. Our traditional post-work convivial gatherings will also have to be canceled for now.

The best source of information on the work parties is our Meetup page. If you join us there, you will automatically get email notices too.


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