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Auburn Trail Open by East Victor Rd.

The Auburn Trail between Break of Day Rd. and East Victor Rd. is finally OPEN!

Auburn Trail map

This section has been "foot path only, bikes use the road" since the Auburn Trail opened many years ago. It has recently been closed totally for a couple of years due to construction on the trail as two fords were removed and development alongside the trail.

Taking trail traffic off the roads will make this a much safer experience, but watch the crossing of East Victor Rd. as sight distance is limited.

This section was not part of the original construction as we were unable to secure landowner permissions. In the fall of '18 we received the final permit. (Thank you, landowners!) We then proceeded with construction. At this time, the surface is grass and dirt, not the nice stone dust surface of the rest of the Auburn Trail. It can be muddy. Be extra careful.

Plans are to eventually bring this section up to the same standard as the rest of the trail. (Funds, anyone?)


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