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Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail Gets Lease on Railbed

8/17/18 The following is from the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail group. They have been for many years working to get a rail trail that begins in Orchard Park in Erie County and ends at Cattaraugus Creek.

After years of negotiating, a long-term rail-banking agreement between Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, Inc. (ECRT), and the Buffalo & Pittsburg Railroad (B&PRR) has been signed! That means this 27-mile corridor in the Western New York southern tier is ours to preserve and protect for the next 50-plus years. We can now begin working with elected officials, landowners, and rail trail friends and supporters like YOU to design and build an awesome multi-use recreational trail for all to enjoy!

The real work is just beginning, and you can help. For ECRT, Inc. to secure funding, we need to show that we have strong community support.

Here's what you can do NOW to help us get this trail underway:

Make a contribution to help kick-start our efforts. We need funding for a local engagement plan that will help us design and plan the ECRT trail to meet each community's preferences and needs. Donate here, and encourage others do the same!


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