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Closed For Hunting

Today we got a complaint from one of VHT's revocable permit land owners. The Seneca Trail is closed from the Apple Farm to Boughton Park for hunting. An older couple with long white hair and a short haired brown dog with a red collar were in this closed zone this afternoon. One - you could have been shot! Two - you jeopardized VHT's relationship with the landowner.

To everyone - VHT closes trails on private property for hunting at the request of the land owner. Please do not ignore the signs or you may cause the trail to be permanently closed.

There is also bow hunting, until noon, on the Seneca Trail through Ganondagan south of Boughton Hill Rd.

The GLT Trails, too, are closed for hunting.

And, the Helen's Way Trail will also be closed for hunting from November 24th to December 24th.

All these trails have signs posted stating that they are closed. And our online maps show these trails with red Xs when they are closed,


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